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trollenas castle
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Where are we…
We are located in the heart of skåne in the middle of two castles





Where are we

we are located between Trollenäs and Trolleholm on a beautiful country setting close to horses and cows pure fresh air and a step out on nature. Our daycare provides the best relaxing harmonious atmosphere to start your childs first training in the
What we stand for…
We believe in respecting each childs personality and background, letting them grow creativebly, teaching them good manners and great values, learning from each other .
Our teachers are trained in massage therapy for infants so they have massage twice a week together with aroma therapy they also learn to give massage to their friends .
We introduced this method 10 years ago and we have noticed the kids are calm and relaxed we are using a special mandel oil its all natural.
Our food…
All our ingredients are fresh and everything its made from scratch our menu varies every week and its based on a 5 weeks schedule.
we provide our kids with a variety of fresh fruit everyday.
we also prepare for kids that are allergic to milk or other allergies
we work together with the health administration so we upgrade our standards not just on our cooking but the quality and nutrition of all meals.
during special events we follow all swedish traditions including the food traditions.
we are open minded and also glad to add a special dish regarding upon parents request.
during our kids birthdays they get to pick their favorite dish and they are treated as kings or queens for that day.
What we expect from you as a parent….
We want parents that have a good sense of moral standards that are respectfull responsable and want the best for their kids and all the others in the kids group
since we are a small daycare its really special and we will like to keep it that way, small and cozzy…Twice a year we get together to help beautify our kids enviroment we fix outside and inside and then we have a great time together usually after a nice brunch everyone goes home with a big smile on their face.
if this sounds like you …your are welcome to apply or send us a letter
there is a wait list so the sooner the better
our train staff will promply answer all your questions and will be happy to schedule a tour of our permisses

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.30.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.30.20 PMOur viking stones are just steps from our pre-school making it an ideal place to learn about Swedish culture

we celebrate all Swedish holidays and we also embrace new ones, we welcome diversity and multi-cultural learning

schedule a tour today please call or e-mail

072-5451548  best time to reach us is during the daytime

but keep in mind if we don’t answer , we might be in activities with our children