toddler stage

toddlerOur teachers understand the expectations of this age group by implementing quiet transitions and exciting alternatives that attract and hold their interest. Toddlers are active seekers of exploration and interact in their world with the idea that everything revolves around them. Our classroom provides an environment free of clutter, easy for beginning walkers, and offers age appropriate materials to foster learning. The daily schedule for a toddler is flexible allowing individual freedom while setting aside blocks of time for songs, puppets, stories, active play and so much more. our teachers are trained in perceiving the needs of this age group. Two year olds have a mind of their own that stems from their growing independence. This stage of development is exciting as you watch the gift of language blossom before your eyes. Vocabulary building is at an increased peak and words are being formed rapidly. Literacy is a large part of our curriculum with letter recognition and story time a daily focus. Children at this age are given appropriate choices to allow the freedom of using his/her independence in a positive, constructive way. They realize that two year olds are adjusting to new experiences and strive to make them feel welcomed and loved in a nurturing, happy environment.
days are filled with exploration, questioning, discovery, and determination to find meaning to new events. Children who are moving from Twaddler to Prepper will experience many aspects of growth. This transitional step before entering preschool allows your child to progress at his/her own pace to a natural stage of independence.