Pre-school stage


Our educators understand the developmental continuum from toddlerhood to preschool and maintain appropriate expectations of the children as they engage in teacher directed and group activities. Considerable growth and change occur in children during the first three years in all areas of development physical, cognitive, and social-emotional. Three year olds are no longer toddlers, yet at times may still exhibit toddler behavior.frontpage3 They may seem older based on their language ability, motor skills and other actions. Our preschool classroom is equipped with learning centers that allow children to self manage their choice of activity in the areas of language, math, manipulatives, dramatic play, science, music, art, and blocks.frontpage3
we believe that all children are active learners and engage in activities with their own attentiveness and attention span. For this reason our Pre-K classroom provides child-initiated choice time throughout the day within age appropriate learning centers that are attractive, accessible, and available at all times. There is a balance between teacher directed instruction and children’s abilities to select and choose from a variety of materials.